Welcome to our blog The Green Electron. Did you know that the Greenest Electron is the Electron that is never used? You can’t get any greener than that! That’s why each Masters’ Academy Energy Management Training Course Online is designed to give you the most information in the shortest amount of time for the least amount of money… and then we blog about it!

We blog about Energy Conservation, about Energy Conservation Training, and even about our own Energy Conservation Training Online. Why you ask? Sure, we want to toot our own horn, but more importantly we want to keep improving our courses so that all students have the best possible experience and learn the most as is reasonably possible in each course without setting off mental meltdown. In short, we want your feedback!

The Green Electron is an extension of our 24/7 Energy Management Training Course Online program where you can ask questions right during each training session and afterwards. In each Energy Management Course, you will see an “ASK” button that allows you to ask questions right on the spot so that our instructors know exactly what page you were on when you asked the question. It’s easy and very cool! Get educated today and get enrolled in Energy Management Training today!

You will learn about your often overlooked but very important SER and how to calculate it. What’s an SER? Glad you asked! Your SER is your Sales to Energy Ratio and it is very important to understand. Learn about your SER and so much more with one of our Energy Management Courses. They are easy to use 24/7 on most any device that can browse the internet. Our Energy Management Training is second to none, so we put our courses online for the world to see. Take your Energy Management Training Online today!

And you thought Energy Conservation was boring. Not here!

And now we blog, at The Green Electron!

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It's Your Energy... Master It!
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